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Banking Relations

Think global, act local

Banking Relations

Think global, act local

Sparkasse Westmünsterland is the leading bank partner in Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen. Sparkasse Westmünsterland is here to find solutions for your international business.

U.S. legislation obliges U.S. Banks, U.S. brokers and dealers in securities to provide information about banks with which they regularly do business. Sparkasse Westmünsterland is pleased to provide the following information:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Statement

Anti-Money Laundering Acknowledgement and Global Certification Regarding Foreign Correspondents Relationships (WELADE3W)

Administrative Details Details  
Name Sparkasse Westmünsterland (BaFin Reg. No 100 804)
Founded in Ahaus, Germany Dülmen, Germany
Registered Office Bahnhofstr.1 in 48683 Ahaus and Overbergplatz 1 in 48249 Dülmen Germany
Business Area The districts of Borken and Coesfeld
Is the bank publicly listed on a stock exchange? No
The Board of Management: Chairman: Heinrich-Georg Krumme Members: Jürgen Büngeler, Karlheinz Lipp, Dr. Raoul G. Wild; stellvertretendes Mitglied: Wilfried Hammans
Our principal business activities and services are as follows Savings bank, universal and regional bank, corporate and private customers; mortgage lending, retail banking


US Patriot Act

Die amerikanische Gesetzgebung schreibt US-Banken, US-Wertapierbrokern und -händlern vor, Pflichtinformationen über Banken, mit denen diese im Geschäftsverkehr stehen, vorzuhalten.  

Die Sparkasse Westmünsterland hält folgende Informationen für Sie bereit:  

U.S. legislation obliges U.S. Banks, U.S. brokers and dealers in securities to provide information about banks with which they regularly do business.

 Sparkasse Westmünsterland is pleased to provide the following information:

  1. US Patriot Act certification
  2. Anti-Money-laundering (AML) statements and global certification regarding foreign correspondent relationships

US-Patriot Act certification
The undersigned financial institution, Sparkasse Westmünsterland, hereby certifies as follows:  

A. This Certification applies to all accounts established for Sparkasse Westmünsterland covered by Financial Institutions.  

B. Physical Presence/Regulated Affiliate Status:
Sparkasse Westmünsterland maintains a physical presence. That means:
Sparkasse Westmünsterland has a place of business at the following street address: Bahnhofstr. 1, 48683 Ahaus, Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen, where Sparkasse Westmünsterland employs one or more individuals on a full-time basis and maintains operating records related to its banking activities.   The above addresses are in Germany, where Sparkasse Westmünsterland is authorized to conduct banking activities.  Sparkasse Westmünsterland is subject to inspection by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Graurheindorfer Str. 108, 53117 Bonn, the banking authority that licensed Sparkasse Westmünsterland to conduct banking activities.  

C. Indirect Use of Correspondent Accounts:
No Correspondent Account maintained by a Covered Financial Institution may be used to indirectly provide banking services to certain foreign banks. Sparkasse Westmünsterland hereby certifies that it does not use any Correspondent Account with a Covered Financial Institution to indirectly provide banking services to any foreign bank that does not maintain a physical presence in any country and that is not a regulated affiliate.  

D. Ownership Information:
Sparkasse Westmünsterland has no owner(s) except as set forth below. For purposes of this Certification, owner means any person who, directly or indirectly, owns, controls, or has power to vote 25 percent or more of any class of voting securities or other voting interests of Sparkasse Westmünsterland; or (b) controls in any manner the election of a majority of the directors (or individuals exercising similar functions) of Sparkasse Westmünsterland. For purposes of this Certification,
(i) person means any individual, bank, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or any other legal entity;
(ii) voting securities or other voting interests means securities or other interests that entitle the holder to vote for or select directors (or individuals exercising similar functions); and
(iii) members of the same family* shall be considered one person. *The same family means parent, spouses, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, grandchildren, first cousins, stepchildren, stepsiblings, parents-in-law and spouses of any of the foregoing. In determining the ownership interest of the same family, any voting interest of any family member shall be taken into account.

Name: Sparkasse Westmünsterland
Adresse: Bahnhofstr. 1, 48683 Ahaus Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen Germany  

The Sparkassenzweckverband Westmünsterland as the responsible body for the Sparkasse Westmünsterland is owned by the districts of Borken and Coesfeld and the cities of Coesfeld, Dülmen, Vreden, Isselburg, Stadtlohn und Billerbeck (Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen).  

E. General
Sparkasse Westmünsterland hereby agrees to notify in writing each Covered Financial Institution at which it maintains any Correspondent Account of any change in facts or circumstances reported in this Certification. Notification shall be given within 30 calendar days of such change. Sparkasse Westmünsterland understands that the statements contained in this Certification may be transmitted to one or more departments or agencies of the United States of America for the purpose of fulfilling such departments' and agencies' governmental functions.  

We, Sparkasse Westmünsterland, certify that we have read and understood this Certification, that the statements made in this Certification are complete and correct, and that we are authorized to execute this Certification on behalf of Sparkasse Westmünsterland.

Sparkasse Westmünsterland Bahnhofstr. 1, 48683 Ahaus
Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen Germany  

Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen, 01. Januar 2013

AML Questionnaire
If you answer “no” to any question, additional information can be supplied at the end of the questionnaire.
I. General AML Policies, Practices and Procedures:  
1. Is the AML compliance program approved by the FI’s board or a senior committee? Yes
2. Does the FI have a legal and regulatory compliance program that includes a designated officer that is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the AML framework? Yes
3. Has the FI developed written policies documenting the processes that they have in place to prevent, detect and report suspicious transactions?    Yes
4. In addition to inspections by the government supervisors/regulators, does the FI client have an internal audit function or other independent third party that assesses AML policies and practices on a regular basis? Yes
5. Does the FI have a policy prohibiting accounts/relationships with shell banks? (A shell bank is defined as a bank incorporated in a jurisdiction in which it has no physical presence and which is unaffiliated with a regulated financial group.)    Yes
6. Does the FI have policies to reasonably ensure that they will not conduct transactions with or on behalf of shell banks through any of its accounts or products?    Yes
7. Does the FI have policies covering relationships with Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s), their family and close associates? Yes
8. Does the FI have record retention procedures that comply with applicable law?    Yes
9. Are the FI’s AML policies and practices being applied to all branches and subsidiaries of the FI both in the home country and in locations outside of that jurisdiction? Yes
II. Risk Assessment  
10. Does the FI have a risk-based assessment of its customer base and their transactions? Yes
11. Does the FI determine the appropriate level of enhanced due diligence necessary for those categories of customers and transactions that the FI has reason to believe pose a heightened risk of illicit activities at or through the FI?    Yes
III. Know Your Customer, Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence  
12. Has the FI implemented processes for the identification of those  customers on whose behalf it maintains or operates accounts or conducts  transactions? Yes   Yes
13. Does the FI have a requirement to collect information regarding its customers’ business activities? Yes
14. Does the FI assess its FI customers’ AML policies or practices? Yes
15. Does the FI have a process to review and, where appropriate, update customer information relating to high risk client information? Yes
16. Does the FI have procedures to establish a record for each new customer noting their respective identification documents and ‘Know Your Customer’ information? Yes
17. Does the FI complete a risk-based assessment to understand the normal and expected transactions of its customers? Yes
IV. Reportable Transactions and Prevention and Detection of Transactions with Illegally Obtained Funds     
18. Does the FI have policies or practices for the identification and reporting of transactions that are required to be  reported to the authorities? Yes
19. Where cash transaction reporting is mandatory, does the FI have  procedures to identify transactions structured to avoid such obligations? Yes
20. Does the FI screen customers and transactions against lists of persons, entities or countries issued by government/competent authorities?    Yes
21. Does the FI have policies to reasonably ensure that it only operates with correspondent banks that possess licenses to operate in their countries of origin? Yes
22. Does the FI adhere to the Wolfsberg Transparency Priciples and the appropriate usage oft he SWIFT MT 202/202COV and MT 205/205COV message formats? Yes 
V. Transaction Monitoring  
23. Does the FI have a monitoring program for unusual and potentially suspicious activity that covers funds transfers and monetary instruments such as travelers checks, money orders, etc? Yes
VI. AML Training  

24. Does the FI provide AML training to relevant employees that includes:

  • Identification and reporting of transactions that must be reported to government authorities.
  • Examples of different forms of money laundering involving the FI’s products and services. 
  • Internal policies to prevent money laundering.
25. Does the FI retain records of its training sessions including attendance records and relevant training materials used? Yes
26. Does the FI communicate new AML related laws or changes to existing AML related policies or practices to relevant employees? Yes
27. Does the FI employ third parties to carry out some of the functions of the FI? Yes

28. If the answer to question 27 is yes, does the FIprovide AML training to relevant third parties that includes:

  • Identification and reporting of transactions that must be reported to government authorities.
  • Examples of different forms of money laundering involving the FI’s products and services.
  • Internal policies to prevent money laundering.   
Overbergplatz 1, 48249 Dülmen, 21.März 2017  
Legal Notice
Bank code:    40154530
BIC-Code:    WELA DE 3W
Commercial Register Number:    HRA 2287 beim Amtsgericht Coesfeld
sales tax identification number:    DE 123767404
Chairman of the board:   Heinrich-Georg Krumme
Member of the Board: Jürgen Büngeler, Karlheinz Lipp, Dr. Raoul G. Wild  stellvertretende Mitglieder: Dr. Matthias Bergmann, Wilfried Hammans
phone:     02563/403-0
Controlling institution:    Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht Graurheindorfer Straße 108D - 53117 Bonn und Marie-Curie-Straße 24-28D - 60439 Frankfurt am Main
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